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Sports Betting in Malaysia

As far back as the 1st Century BC, a Roman Elder had written that “We are so much at the mercy of Chance that Chance is our God”. So it is safe to say that people have always loved the unpredictable outcomes of Sports. Placing a wager on competitions is as old as currency and people have always been drawn to what we today call sports betting.

The Sportsbook was created to bring all betting on recognised sports under one roof. At the time this was seen as the best way to make betting more convenient and to comply with legal requirements. However, in the early days Sportsbooks were run independently from casinos. Casinos focused on gaming and did not want the competition taking away players. But independent sportsbooks struggled to survive and quite soon came under the wing of casinos. Even then there were still many barriers for a majority of the population who enjoyed betting, along with all other kinds of gambling. Casinos were rare and often too expensive.

Over time online casino sports betting have evolved immensely to provide live, real-time information and many different methods of placing bets to grab attention. But they could never have envisaged the massive jump in visibility that has come with the internet. Anyone with a connection can start betting. Online sportsbooks have grown rapidly along with the numbers of people starting to bet. This has coincided with unprecedented access to viewing live sports and detailed information to go with it. Gone are the days when we had to hope to find a place broadcasting a game. As more people get emotionally involved in the sports and individual teams, interest levels have skyrocketed. Millennials, who are most at ease online have become a whole new segment in an industry where young people never had any opportunity to take part.

This has forced casinos to innovate and focus on secure, reliable systems and we at QQclubs are at the forefront of this. It is our firm belief that our clients must have an enjoyable experience and for this the security and reliability of our payment systems is of paramount importance. Tackling these issues head-on along with other territories, Malaysia online casino have flourished and grown to be among the most in-demand in the world.

At QQclubs our sportsbook is among the best available. We believe that the foundation of this is the reliability of our site, ease of operation, regular no-hassle payouts and uniquely innovative offerings. As with all our offerings our sportsbook has something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned operator who needs all the information possible in real-time, or someone completely new to this, we have you covered.

Among all Malaysia online casino we cover one of the widest range of sports. Technology has reached a point today where there is real-time information and detailed statistics available that cover all aspects of sport. We do not believe in cutting corners in this area. At QQclubs our systems are state of the art, acquiring and processing information in real-time. Just as important is the design of our interactive platform. Clients betting on sports require detailed information that has to be presented in an orderly, easy to read manner or there would be no point. Clients are able to view upcoming event dates and once their choice is made we allow a detailed analysis of things like form leading up to an event, condition of individuals or teams and of course the varying odds. As with all our gaming options, placing bets is a painless process at QQclubs.

Most often clients will make their decision and bets will be placed in time for the start of the game. However, this is not always the case. Some clients decide at the last minute so we allow for bets to be placed right up to the event kicking off. Being a top online casino in Malaysia, we cannot just stop there. Therefore we also allow bets during certain events. Of course the client can rest assured that our in-house team is focused on processing various, constantly changing statistics of an event in progress to maintain a constant assessment of the odds.

Taking things further we also offer the option of parlay bets. Sometimes a client is just not content with the odds on offer when searching for a good bet. There will always be times when evenly matched teams or individuals provide less than exciting odds and this is where parlay bets provide an enticing option. Parlay bets allow individual bets to be combined and depending on the number of individual bets the odds increase in favour of the bettor. Sometimes called an Accumulator, this is quite often an attractive option for clients.

Despite our absolute confidence in our systems, we take leave no stone unturned when it concerns our customers. For this reason our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are always available, 24/7, to attend to any problems or queries that may arise.